XIR Epic Landing 01 Maya-MB

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  • XIR Epic Landing 01 Maya-MB

Vendor: XIR-Anim

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General Specifications
File Format Included fbx
Frame Rate 30
Total Length (frames) 516
No. of Characters / Objects 1
Looped No
No. Animations 1
Animation Style Realistic
Other Assets Included Environment
Animation Technic Hand Key
Theme Heroes


High quality Hand Key Animation - Man jumping high and landing heavily destroying floor with the impact idling at the end. Floor derbies falling apart also included (Mesh and Animation). This product is ideal for Character presentations for show reels among other possibilities.
Character mesh used for promo video/images not included.
Male animation using Human Ik rig system, 516 frames at 30 frames per second.

Included in this Product:
-XIR Epic Landing 01 Maya-MB.fbx Character Animation data (516f)
-XIR Epic Landing 01 - FlorDerbisAsset.fbx Floor Mesh and Animation(516f)
Characters and props not included unless specified by the author in the description.

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