TC Sexy Walk Pack 3 Maya-MB

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  • TC Sexy Walk Pack 3 Maya-MB

Vendor: Tazacafe

United Kingdom
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General Specifications
Compatibility Motionbuilder 2014,Motionbuilder 2015,Motionbuilder 2016,Motionbuilder 2017,Maya 2014,Maya 2015,Maya 2016,Maya 2017
Created with Motionbuilder 2015
File Format Included fbx
Frame Rate 30
Total Length (frames) 558
No. of Characters / Objects 1
Looped Yes
No. Animations 1
Animation Style Realistic
Animation Technic Mocap
Theme Story telling,Glamour,Casual,Navigation System


Sophisticated and elegant female walk animation done with extreme detail and subtle female movements that suits any situation and character.Two variants included, with translation and in-place, both perfectly looped. Animation ideal for character presentations, runways or catwalks, dynamic scenes or simply to have fun!

---------- Required products:
Maya 2013 or higher / Motion Builder 2013 or Higher. Product have not been tested on previous versions.

---------- Included in this product:
TC-SWP3-INPLACE 2013.fbx
TC-SWP3-INPLACE 2014-15.fbx
TC-SWP3-INPLACE 2017.fbx

Three version for each animation included, use the one that best suits your Motionbuilder or maya version.

Characters and props not included unless specified by the author in the description.

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