TC Sexy Walk Pack 2 Max

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  • TC Sexy Walk Pack 2 Max

Vendor: Tazacafe

United Kingdom
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General Specifications
Created with 3ds max 2014
File Format Included bip
Frame Rate 30
Total Length (frames) 365
No. of Characters / Objects 1
Looped Yes
No. Animations 1
Animation Style Realistic
Animation Technic Hand Key,Mocap
Theme Glamour,Casual,Navigation System


Animation set with 3 looped walk animations for female characters with 2 variations each (in place and with translation). The animations have been carefully done minding the detail and subtle movements with loops that blend seamlessly. Animations created with a combination of Motion Capture and hand key animation. Ideal for character presentations, runways or catwalks, dynamic scenes or simply to have fun!

---------- Required products:
3ds Max 2015 or higher. Product have not been tested on previous versions.

---------- Included in this product:

Animations In Place
TC_SWP2_IP_walk1 (105 frames)
TC_SWP2_IP_walk2 (125frames)
TC_SWP2_IP_walk3 (140 frames)

Animations with translation
TC_SWP2_TR_walk1 (105 frames)
TC_SWP2_TR_walk2 (125frames)
TC_SWP2_TR_walk3 (140 frames)
Characters and props not included unless specified by the author in the description.

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