Regular License

General License Agreement

  • By using any FlipBook Market Product, the Buyer has conclusively agreed to and accepted all of the terms and conditions of the Regular License.
  • Purchase of any Product at FlipBook Market grants the Buyer a Limited, Non-Exclusive, NON-Transferable License to use the contents of the Product files worldwide when in compliance with uses allowed in this License.

Allowed uses

  • Buyer can create ONE single end product that can be transferred to a client for any fee always that it is a rendered movie or sequence of images. The license is then transferred to your client. In Game Engine products such as Animations for Unity and Unreal a similar allowance applies, the buyer can create one single End product that can be sold many times always that the final product is packed in such a way that the source files can’t be extracted or used.
  • Buyer can create an unlimited number of End Products as long as the End product is distributed for free or it is created for personal uses always that is in a form of a rendered movie, sequence of images or Real time package where source files can’t be extracted or used.
  • The buyer can backup copies of the purchase for personal archival purposes on local fiscal drives.

Prohibited uses

  • The Purchase can’t be stored on peer-to-peer, file sharing networks or personal website/FTP/Blog or any other place where another party could use it.
  • The buyer can’t sell, redistribute or convert the Product to any other format as a whole or partially and can’t use it in such a way that the original could be extracted.
  • Exceptions: Vendors publishing animations are allowed to include bones hierarchy in their animation packages from Rigged models acquired at flipbook Market.