Publishing Products Guide

This document describes best practices and guidelines to publish your products, read these instructions through before submitting. It will save you time and will help you create a more successful product.

Before you start

You’ll need to upgrade your Account to Vendor Account to have access to all the vendor features.

Quality Standards

We’d love to publish everything, but we need to filter products submitted to make the buyer experience as pleasant as possible. The review process ensures that products are genuine, high-quality, and correctly formatted.

Which products do we publish?

FBM sales animation data and poses for the most widely used animation applications, this includes long and short character animation sets, animated objects, motion graphics, logos, etc.If your product is intended for software that doesn't have a category, contact us first at, and we will consider expanding categories.

Which Products do we reject?

During the review process, we might reject a product for one of the following reasons:

  1. The product has no enough quality. Please do not send us products you have done following tutorials or animations done with free mocap data downloaded. We only accept genuine and professional products.

  2. The animation is too short; Consider making animation packs instead.

  3. You may not offer products with content that you did not create, and you do not have the license to resell.

Creating New Product

Name and Price

  • Name: Choose a descriptive name for your product, use spaces instead of underscores and please spell check. If you are creating multiple volumes for the same set of animations, number them after the product name, for example; ‘FB Walk Pack Vol 1’ or 'FB Walk Pack1'.
  • Price: You can choose any price you think your work is worth. During the review process, we might contact you to give recommendations if we believe that the price is too low or too high. Use products already published as a guide, if you are not sure, leave us a note when submitting your product using “Comments for the Reviewer” at the end of the submission form.

Description and Meta tags Keywords

Both attributes are very important to be found by potential buyers, a good description can make a big difference.

  • Description: Describe your product in detail, give as much information as possible that could help buyers find what they are looking for. Do make sure the most important part of the description shows up at the beginning, the first 130 - 165 characters are the key. Describe all the animations, for which type of characters are designed, for which type of projects could be used, describe all files included, mention wich software is compatible with, etc..
  • Meta Tags Keywords: Get found is fundamental, search engines will use meta tags to help users find your product. Chose wisely, make sure to type the most important keywords that define your product.

Packaging and Name Convention

Please read the Creating Product Guide and download the templates to assist you creating your product. There is a template for each software containing the folder structure, the files needed and an example for you to explore on how your product should be created, named and packaged.

All files/folders should be compressed into a zip file with the name of your product.

Product zip file content

The zip file should contain two folders; a "Product Folder", and a "Documentation Folder".

  • Product Folder:  All required files with the file structure the application is intended, e.g., Poser products should follow the path: Runtime\..., etc. (Download the Template to explore a practical example). For the applications where no particular folder structure is needed (Max, Maya, Motion Builder) leave all product file under the Product folder.
  • Documentation Folder: Documentation folder must contain the following:

License.txt;Use the file in the Downloadable Template or download the TXT here. Add the license.txt into the Documentation folder, do not alter or modify the file.

ProductName_README.txt;You must include documentation in a readme.txt file. Use the file in the Downloadable Template or download the readme.txt here. Edit the file with your product information and installation usage details.

Readme file should have the following information:

  • Product Name.
  • Author.
  • Product Description.
  • Software Compatibility.
  • Required products. (if any)
  • Included in this product. (list all files included)
  • Installation instructions. (if applies, eg: Daz Studio and Poser)
  • Usage Instructions. (Describe step by step how to use your product)

Promo images and video

  • Main Image (required): (resolution: 700x800 - jpg).
  • Additional Product Images (Optional): (resolution: 700x800 jpg). You can upload up to 4 additional images for your product page.
  • Promotional Banner (Optional): (resolution: 893x330 jpg) Email us at with your banner if you would like your product to be advertised and featured on the main page, blog, social media, newsletter, etc...
  • Video link (required): (resolution: 1280x720 - You Tube Link). Our engines will automatically download and convert your video and then stored on our servers. Once the product is published you can remove it from YouTube if you wish to.

New Categories

Do you want to submit a product that does not fit in any of the Marketplace categories? Let us know what you have in mind before submitting. We are always happy to help, and open to hear your ideas and expanding the site accordingly.

What’s next?

Time to submit your product! Open "New Product" page from the Vendors Page left menu and fill the form. Once we have everything, we will test and publish your product.

Creating a Product Bundle

Bundles consist of multiple single products that you already have published that can each be identified by a unique page and are sold together as a single item. Bundles are a great way to stand out from the competition and increase your sales, create bundles by simply opening your vendor account and click "Create Bundle"; Select all products to be included, choose a name and price, upload an image and complete any additional information. Bundles are reviewed and moderated too, but much faster, we only need to check all information is correct and also that does not conflict with the site terms and conditions.

More questions?

Check FAQ page and/or contact us at