SHZM Cubes Motion Graphics Objects

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Vendor: Shazam

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General Specifications
Created with Maya 2014
File Format Included fbx
Frame Rate 24
Total Length (frames) 8998
No. of Characters / Objects 10+
Looped No
No. Animations 30
Animation Style Cartoon
Other Assets Included Textures
Animation Technic Physics Simulation,Hand Key
Theme Technology,Sci-Fi,Casual,Historic,Sports,Office,Story telling,Communication,Architectural,Action,Navigation System


Motion graphics of cubes in motion. Use for titles, motion graphics, short intros, transitions, anything you can think of.

This pack contain 30 cube animations; Wipes, transforms, transitions. You can also combine them, one after the other or however your imagination works.

All these cubes are keyframed, UV laid out into 4 squares and not 6! If you like, you may reorganize UVs, and retime animation keyframes in any way you want them.
Characters and props not included unless specified by the author in the description.

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