MOTEK StockMoves Break dance sample Maya-MB

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  • MOTEK StockMoves Break dance sample Maya-MB

Vendor: Motek Entertainment

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General Specifications
Compatibility Motionbuilder 2013,Motionbuilder 2014,Motionbuilder 2015,Motionbuilder 2016,Motionbuilder 2017,Maya 2013,Maya 2014,Maya 2015,Maya 2016,Maya 2017
Created with Motionbuilder 2016
File Format Included fbx
Frame Rate 30
Total Length (frames) 2829
No. of Characters / Objects 1
Looped Mixed
No. Animations 8
Animation Style Realistic
Animation Technic Mocap
Theme Sports,Dance


Turntable clockwise. on right elbow. starts and ends with Tpose (504f)

Starts with Footworks, than 2 turns on hands in both directions (305f)

Starts with Footworks, then 4 turns on hands clockwise (331f)

Starts with Footworks, then jump on to head / hands, freeze and return (320f)

Composition of footworks, turntable, jump and freezes (413f)

Legworks while on handstand - variation1  (321f)

Legworks while on handstand - variation 2 (351f)

Turns through handstand simple (284f)

Turns and flips - handstands (330f)

Characters and props not included unless specified by the author in the description.

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