KEY90 Romy Dance 01 Maya-MB

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  • KEY90 Romy Dance 01 Maya-MB

Vendor: KEY90 Animations

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General Specifications
Created with Motionbuilder 2016
File Format Included fbx
Frame Rate 50
Total Length (frames) 1040
No. of Characters / Objects 1
Looped Yes
No. Animations 1
Animation Style Realistic
Animation Technic Mocap
Theme Dance,Casual


■■■ Motion Capture Animation + Captured Fingers ■■■
This sexy and very natural Dance Animation is running on 50 Keyfames/sec.
It is 1040 Frames long.

■The animation can be applied to any Character in Motion Builder or Maya.
I recommend to re-target this animation to your character to have better results.
Characters and props not included unless specified by the author in the description.

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