TBW Genesis 8 Movement 1 Daz-Poser

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  • TBW Genesis 8 Movement 1 Daz-Poser

Vendor: CodeName TBW

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General Specifications
Created with Daz 3d 4.x
File Format Included duf,bvh
Frame Rate 30
Total Length (frames) 302
No. of Characters / Objects 1
Looped Yes
No. Animations 12
Animation Style Realistic
Animation Technic Mocap
Theme Casual,Sci-Fi,Horror


G8F Movement 1  by CodeName T.B.W is a series of High-quality and the very best Motion Capture Animations aimed to cover walking, runing, jumps and jogs. With everyday people movements

These are motions capture files, that where re-done frame by frame. To give very life like movements, to the all new Genesis 8 character. Movement 1 is a pack of 12 animations that transition perfectly  from one to the subsequent animations. You can either use any of the animations or use the four one after the other. Made to be used with female 8 characters but can be used on males as well. The animation is ideal for cinematics, storytelling, background people, architectural renders, etc. This animation pack is also perfect for extracting poses for single image renders, don't waste money buying poses pack, buy animations and extract hundred of poses!

Required\Compatibility products:
Daz users:
Software: Daz 3D 4.6 or higher 
Characters: Genesis 8 Female(s) by DAZ3D

Included in this product:
DAZ - Genesis 8 Female
\People\Genesis 8 Female\Poses\CodeName T.B.W\Movement 1\
Afraid 6.duf            Character Animation data (132f)
Cool Girl.duf           Character Animation data (59f)
Grumpy stump.duf        Character Animation data (30f)
Jump around.duf         Character Animation data (303f)
Overwieght.duf          Character Animation data (30f)
Rough Run.duf           Character Animation data (59f)
Run.duf                 Character Animation data (37f)
Sit on ground.duf       Character Animation data (70f)
stand up off ground.duf Character Animation data (86f)
Trot trot.duf           Character Animation data (30f)
Walk 2.duf              Character Animation data (57f)
Walk.duf                Character Animation data (57f)
 TOTAL ALL: 950 frames
Characters and props not included unless specified by the author in the description.

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