CM ZombieWalk Pack02 Daz-Poser

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  • CM ZombieWalk Pack02 Daz-Poser

Vendor: CherryMotion

United Kingdom
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General Specifications
Created with Motionbuilder 2014
File Format Included duf,pz2
Frame Rate 30
Total Length (frames) 450
No. of Characters / Objects 1
Looped No
No. Animations 3
Animation Style Realistic
Animation Technic Hand Key,Mocap
Theme Horror,Sci-Fi,Combat


CM ZombieWalk Pack02 DAZ  is a pack of 3 hyper-realistic animations walking zombies made with the best Quality of mocap and ready to use in your characters.
Pack 02 offers new zombie walks / attack variations.Your zombies will walk in a realistic angry unique way.The animation can be applied to Genesis Male and Genesis2 Male
3 Full Body Walk animations (450 frames at 30fps) (.duf)
POSER: 3 Full Body Walk animations (450 frames at 30fps) (.pz2)
1 Force limits off Tool (.pz2)
Characters and props not included unless specified by the author in the description.

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